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[Learning thoughts, strengthening party spirit, emphasizing practice, and making new achievements]


on august 25, the henggang party committee carried out theme party day activities, organizing party committee secretaries of secondary units and some branch secretaries and party building officers to study at the red education base to recall the revolutionary martyrs and review the oath of joining the party.
   at the cai hesen memorial square, zuo shaohuai, deputy secretary of the company’s party committee (full-time official), took the oath. everyone faced the party flag and clenched their right fists, keeping in mind the original aspiration and mission, and strengthening their ideals and beliefs.
  "loyalty is in the heart, and awe is in the two rooms." "youth journey" written by cai hesen, the important founder of the communist party of china, fully demonstrates the style and heroic spirit of the early proletarian revolutionaries.

everyone carefully viewed the pictures, objects and models displayed in the memorial hall, and were shocked by comrade cai hesen's steadfast revolutionary integrity. with reverence, everyone also visited the shan douchong branch exhibition hall of the underground party of the communist party of china and listened to the touching stories of underground party members who were firm and persistent and would rather die than surrender.
   zuo shaohuai combined his own thoughts and understanding of studying xi jinping thought on socialism with chinese characteristics for a new era and gave everyone a vivid party lesson with the theme of "listen to the party, know the party's favor, and become a qualified party member and cadre in the new era". he said that we must learn from the fighting spirit of comrade tsai hesen and many revolutionary martyrs who are loyal to the party and pursue the truth, strengthen their ideals and beliefs, replenish their spiritual calcium, fulfill their original aspiration and mission, set an example of dedication, and accelerate the building of a world-class enterprise and a happy balance steel and united struggle.
the students listened carefully to the party lectures, reviewed the knowledge of party history, and held heated discussions around "how to promote the innovative development of party building work". everyone said that they should carry forward the spirit of the revolutionary ancestors who are not afraid of hardships and obstacles and have the courage to sacrifice, inherit the party's fine traditions and style, always maintain the advanced nature of communist party members, study hard, work diligently, constantly improve political quality and professional capabilities, and contribute to the high quality of henggang. contribution to development.
   practice new ideas and revitalize new rural areas. on the morning of august 26, zuo shaohuai led everyone to carry out agricultural assistance activities in shanduchong, an old revolutionary area, to help farmers harvest peanuts from the fields. "there is not enough labor in the family. i am afraid that the peanuts will not be harvested in time and the peanuts will rot in the field. thanks to everyone's help." henggang party members and volunteers exchanged sweat for the smiles of the farmers.