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HS Premium Connection,Non API OCTG,Pipe For Ship and vessel

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HS Premium Connection,Non API OCTG,Pipe For Ship and vessel

The hot test of No. 6 continuous casting machine of Hengyang Valin Steel Tube Co., Ltd. was successful


on the afternoon of august 29, as the sixth-flow red steel billet was smoothly pulled out from the continuous casting platform, the hot test of the no. 6 continuous caster of henggang large tube billet was a complete success. zuo shaohuai, deputy secretary of the company's party committee (full-time), zhu xuehui, assistant to the general manager, and project participants witnessed this moment together

at 15:18 that day, the hot test started. the leaders of the steelmaking plant conducted on-site command and dispatch, and the employees quickly boarded the continuous casting platform and carried out a series of operations such as sealing and introducing the ingots in an orderly manner. the molten steel automatically goes through the tundish, crystallizer, secondary cooling, straightening, billet cutting and other processes in one go, and the project was successfully tested in the first hot test.
   this project is a steelmaking quality improvement, efficiency improvement, and automation transformation project. the unit adopts process technologies such as full-process protected pouring, automatic crystallizer liquid level control, automatic slag addition, and continuous straightening. it has a high degree of automation and strong production controllability. features. the design of the six-machine and six-strand casting machine can more effectively improve the quality of the cast slabs, and the unit is fully automated and controlled, which can greatly improve production efficiency. the operation of the project will further promote the high-quality development of hengshan iron and steel co., ltd.