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Pipe for Nuclear Power Station,Mechanical Engineering Pipe,Pipe for Gas Cylinder

The drill reaches 9396 meters! Oil and casing products set another record in Asia


on march 10, according to cctv news reports, the drilling depth of guole 3c well in the tarim oilfield reached 9,396 meters, setting a new asian horizontal well record. what is attracting attention is that the large-diameter surface casing of this well was provided by hengshan iron and steel co., ltd., and all the gas-sealing and buckling tubing in the well were made of our company's hsm-2 tubing.
   well 3c in guole, xinjiang, is located in the hinterland of the taklimakan desert. the purpose is to find new oil and gas resources in the fourth and fifth fault zones. during the drilling process, it faced world-class technical problems of ultra-deep, ultra-high temperature, and ultra-high pressure.
   hengshan steel focuses on customer needs, strengthens technological innovation, independently develops and produces high-strength, high-toughness, and high-corrosion-resistant series of oil casings to provide customers with better products and services, and jointly create a new record for the deepest horizontal well in asia. this is also after the deepest vertical well in asia was drilled on february 13, henggang's products once again helped set a new asian record.