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seamless steel pipes, steel pipe manufacturers, steel pipes suppliers

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seamless steel pipes, steel pipe manufacturers, steel pipes suppliers

Centerway Participated in the Metal-Expo 2017 Industrial Exhibition

the russian capital, moscow, welcomed over 200 foreign exhibitors from 32 countries to participate in the metal-expo 2017 industrial exhibition. leading russian steel industry companies such as mmk, severstal, nlmk, estar, tmk, omk, chtpz group, as well as international industry leaders like arcelormittal, centerway from china, thyssenkrupp from europe, and posco from south korea, participated in the event, showcasing their products and achievements. tens of thousands of executives and experts from metallurgy, metal processing, machinery manufacturing, power engineering, construction, and other industrial sectors visited the exhibition. many russian steel manufacturers received awards at the metal expo. for instance, experts from mechel working at the company's booth were awarded a diploma for professional product and service presentation, and mechel's booth itself received the best exhibition cup. meanwhile, nlmk presented a new business strategy called ekostal, earning their booth an award. additionally, centerway highlighted the advanced level of its petroleum steel pipes, attracting the interest of numerous potential buyers in the oil and gas industry.