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Iron Ore Sintering Process, Valin Steel

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Iron Ore Sintering Process, Valin Steel

Comprehensive Optimization of Iron Ore Sintering Process Enhances Efficiency and Competitiveness in the Chinese Steel Industry


in pursuit of efficiently utilizing the increasingly diverse and declining quality of iron ore, and elevating the scientific and technological standards in china's sintering and iron smelting, a collaborative research initiative was undertaken by central south university and hunan valin lianyuan iron and steel co., ltd. the project, funded under the ministry of education's "new century excellent talents support program," focused on the comprehensive optimization of iron ore sintering technology and its practical applications.

technical principles and performance metrics:

the groundbreaking achievement of this project lies in the introduction of a holistic optimization approach for iron ore sintering technology. by considering all current, future, and potential iron ore raw materials, the researchers conducted in-depth studies on the granulation, mineralization, and sintering performance of individual ores. sintering experiments were employed to optimize the structure of sintering raw materials and the sintering process itself. additionally, the team utilized computer technology to establish a comprehensive database for iron ore sintering performance and a predictive model for production quality. the result is a fundamental technical framework for the overall optimization of iron ore sintering technology.

the researchers developed a novel method, the calcium ferrite generation curve, to rapidly assess the mineralization performance of iron ore sintering. this method utilized three curve parameters—tmax (temperature at maximum calcium ferrite generation), qmax (maximum calcium ferrite generation quantity), and △t10% (temperature range for substantial calcium ferrite generation over 10%)—to describe the sintering performance of iron ore. studying widely used and representative imported iron ores in domestic steel companies, the project revealed crucial relationships between granulation performance, mineralization performance, and sintering outcomes. the established iron ore sintering performance database and a predictive model using neural networks achieved impressive prediction accuracy for key indicators.

building upon the sintering raw material structure, basic performance, and process parameters of lianyuan steel, the researchers extended their investigation to the behavior of imported and domestic iron ore blends through sintering cup experiments. this led to the optimization of sintering raw materials and processes. subsequently, key technologies were developed, including pre-granulation of fine ore powder, ore blending, flux segregation, and fuel layering, enabling the achievement of ultra-high bed sintering (with a bed height of 850mm). the results included a 15-20% increase in sintering utilization coefficient, a 3-4% improvement in drum strength, and a 4-5% reduction in solid fuel consumption.

innovative and advanced technologies:

introduction of a novel approach to comprehensive optimization of iron ore sintering technology, stabilizing the sintering production process and achieving high-quality, high-yield, low-energy-consumption iron smelting raw materials. this approach eliminates the need for frequent reorganization of laboratories and industrial experiments due to raw material changes.

development of the calcium ferrite generation curve method for rapid evaluation of iron ore mineralization performance, providing a simpler, faster, and more production-oriented alternative to existing evaluation methods.

utilization of artificial neural network technology to establish an iron ore performance database and a predictive model, surpassing previous studies in database comprehensiveness, model parameter completeness, and prediction accuracy.

investigation of the sintering behavior when combining imported and domestic iron ores, leading to the development of multiple key technologies for enhanced sintering, including pre-granulation of fine ore powder, flux segregation, fuel layering, and wetting of returned ores. these technologies resulted in significant improvements in sinter quality and reduced production energy consumption.

application and impact:

in recent years, the increasing import of iron ore into china has posed challenges to the steel industry. this project's findings, however, address critical issues related to raw material selection, optimizing sintering processes, and integrating blast furnace iron smelting.

the research has also been extended to hengyang steel pipe co., ltd.. the project's impact is not only economic but also crucial in guiding the steel industry towards sustainable and efficient practices.


the comprehensive optimization of iron ore sintering technology and its successful application in the chinese steel industry exemplify a groundbreaking initiative. this collaborative project has not only introduced innovative methods for assessing iron ore characteristics but has also significantly contributed to the enhancement of overall production efficiency, product quality, and energy conservation. the findings and technologies developed have far-reaching implications for the global steel industry and position china at the forefront of sustainable and advanced iron and steel manufacturing.

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