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Valin Steel, electric furnace steelmaking,

Development of Pipes for HSM890 Crane Boom


the hsm890 crane arm tube development project has been listed as a guidance plan for enterprise technological innovation projects in hunan province for the year 2007. this project represents a new type of steel tube independently developed by hengyang valin steel co., ltd. with the acceleration of china's infrastructure construction, the domestic crawler crane market demand continues to grow, greatly promoting the development of china's crane manufacturing industry. currently, cranes with lifting capacities of below 400 tons are mostly domestically manufactured. considering an estimated consumption of 20 to 50 tons of various types of steel tubes per crane, the annual demand for steel tubes ranges from 10,000 to 25,000 tons. depending on the lifting capacity and application areas of the crane, steel tubes are categorized into different grades such as 400mpa, 770mpa, and 890mpa, with the 890mpa grade accounting for over 15% and primarily relying on imports.


the successful development of the hsm890 crane arm tube by hengyang valin steel co., ltd. not only broadens the variety and creates excellent economic benefits, becoming a new profit growth point and enhancing the company's image, but also substitutes imports and promotes the localization process of china's crawler crane industry.


key technologies


1. steelmaking and continuous casting technology

  • component design and control
  • residual element control
  • easy oxidizable element control
  • protective pouring
  • electromagnetic stirring


2. steel pipe rolling technology

  • formulation and control of heating system
  • design of piercing and rolling process parameters
  • design of tension reducing process parameters


3. steel pipe heat treatment technology

  • design of heat treatment process parameters
  • control of steel pipe surface quality


process route


the hsm890 crane arm tube steel is a new type of steel tube independently developed by hengyang valin steel co., ltd. the production process adopts "electric furnace steelmaking + horizontal or arc continuous casting + hot rolling + heat treatment + flaw detection" technology.




  • this successful product development meets market demand, replaces imported finished products, and promotes the localization process of china's crawler crane manufacturing industry.
  • it can be mass-exported to the international market.
  • it mainly caters to and meets the needs of the domestic crawler crane manufacturing industry.


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