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valin steel, seamless steel pipes, welded steel pipes

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valin steel, seamless steel pipes, welded steel pipes

Comprehensive Utilization Project of Waste Water Resources of Hengyang Valin Steel Pipe Co., Ltd.


valinsteel co., ltd. has developed a process for treating and reusing wastewater from steel plants, and innovatively utilizes aeration oxidation technology to oxidize ferrous ions in industrial wastewater into trivalent iron ions as coagulants. this process reduces the dosage of chemicals, achieves high oil removal efficiency, and is easy to operate. it pioneers the precedent of using oxidized ferrous ions from wastewater as coagulants for treating industrial wastewater in the steel industry. the project has developed a micro-eddy coagulation + vertical lamella sedimentation technology for treating industrial wastewater. through research on the theory of millimeter-scale micro-eddy flocculation, the concept of hollow shell structure is applied to coagulation technology, resulting in the development of a filler product capable of enhancing coagulation - micro-eddy coagulator, and a new water treatment process - micro-eddy coagulation process. this process achieves a significant breakthrough in coagulation efficiency, reducing coagulation time to within 5-8 minutes; meanwhile, it significantly increases the density of flocs, enhances their sedimentation performance, thus significantly reducing the turbidity of effluent from sedimentation tanks.


through the study of the solid-liquid separation process in lamella sedimentation tanks, vertical lamella sedimentation technology has been developed, which has special sedimentation, effluent, and sludge discharge zones. vertical lamella sedimentation technology maximizes the use of tank depth to increase the height of the sedimentation zone, increases the effective area of the sedimentation zone of vertical lamella sedimentation tanks per unit tank area, and saves space. the effluent pipe in the clear water zone is located underwater, avoiding algae proliferation caused by light, ensuring stable water production. the lamella components in the vertical lamella sedimentation tank are installed in rows, facilitating the installation of reciprocating scraping and sludge suction machines, ensuring timely sludge discharge in the sludge discharge zone, and good effluent water quality.


technical and economic indicators: the scale of wastewater treatment is designed for 8000 cubic meters per day, and the treated wastewater meets the standards for urban miscellaneous water and the water quality requirements for steel industry circulating cooling water. the total investment of the project is 17.8 million yuan, and the operating cost is 1.16 yuan per cubic meter. the designed annual reclaimed water volume is 2.16 million cubic meters, saving 2.16 million cubic meters of fresh water, reducing annual emissions of pollutants such as codcr by 300 tons, ss by 200 tons, and petroleum products by 25 tons. calculated based on a reuse water volume of 7200 cubic meters per day, it can create a direct profit of 1.382 million yuan annually. it can save sewage discharge fees of 3.99 million yuan. the implementation of this project has played a demonstrative role in wastewater treatment and reuse technology in the steel industry. micro-eddy coagulation + vertical lamella sedimentation technology for treating industrial wastewater has a large hydraulic load and convenient construction and installation. it has significant advantages, especially for the renovation of wastewater treatment in old enterprises.


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