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valin steel, seamless steel pipes, centerway steel co ltd

Research and Application of Economic Cleanliness of High-Quality Special Seamless Steel Pipes


seamless steel tubes find ubiquitous application across diverse industries, each imposing unique demands on performance and cleanliness. as challenges mount in realms such as petroleum extraction and the development of ultra-supercritical power station boilers, the imperative for steel purity intensifies. the valin steel project, through meticulous research into standards governing seamless steel tubes across various sectors and the specialized requirements of each, has meticulously crafted standards for high-quality seamless steel tubes.


over the past three years, valin steel has undertaken a journey of relentless effort, culminating in the establishment of standards for economically viable, high-purity steel. this technological feat stands as a pioneering achievement within china, with no other steel production entity having formulated similar standards. while many enterprises have embarked on similar endeavors, none have orchestrated such a systematic fusion of theory and technology.


central to this project's implementation has been a series of technical measures aimed at enhancing the management of raw materials, optimizing production processes, and upgrading equipment. by rigorously enforcing these standards in practical production settings, valin steel has tangibly elevated the quality of both billets and steel tubes.


clean steel, characterized by stringent control over non-metallic inclusions, residual elements, harmful elements, and gas content, constitutes the cornerstone of this endeavor. valin steel's pursuit of clean steel is not merely a quest for purity but a testament to its commitment to innovation and excellence. through meticulous control, harmful residual elements are minimized, and non-metallic inclusions are substantially reduced, laying the groundwork for the production of premium-grade steel.


in the realm of high-quality steel, valin steel has established two categories of cleanliness standards. the most stringent criteria set by valin steel include limits such as cu≤0.10%, as≤0.012%, sn≤0.010%, p≤0.010%, s≤0.0020%, n≤70ppm, h≤2.0ppm, o≤25ppm, with microscopic inclusion counts capped at≤10.0 per mm²and large inclusions restricted to 5.25mg/10kg.


a comparative analysis underscores valin steel's attainment of the highest levels of cleanliness control domestically and internationally. this achievement epitomizes both theoretical and technological innovation, with the project boasting several pioneering facets:


1. effective control of harmful elements, gases, and inclusions across premium steel varieties.

2. implementation of advanced desulfurization techniques in the electric furnace-refining furnace short process for producing high-quality special seamless steel tube billets.

3. development of control technologies ensuring a ca/s ratio not less than 1.5 for acid-resistant submarine pipeline steel hsl450s.

4. design of a novel horizontal continuous casting tundish.

5. application of electromagnetic stirring technology in horizontal continuous casting.

6. introduction of a new type of tundish slag for protection.


in recent years, through an unwavering focus on steel cleanliness, valin steel has witnessed remarkable enhancements in billet quality and steel purity. gas and harmful element content in steel have markedly decreased, while inclusion levels have plummeted. this concerted effort has laid the foundation for a production system geared towards clean steel, fostering prospects for further variety development.


the research into economically viable, high-quality special seamless steel tubes has not only yielded standards but enabled precise control throughout the production process. breakthroughs in the production technologies for key special steel categories, including high-quality oilfield pipes, power plant boiler tubes, and specialized mechanical tubes, have propelled product upgrades and replacements. this surge in competitiveness has elevated valin steel's seamless steel tubes in both domestic and international markets, significantly enhancing product quality and value, and yielding substantial economic and societal benefits.


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