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Valin Steel, Electric Furnace Steelmaking, Centerway Steel

Research and Application of Composite Blowing Refining and Waste Heat Recovery Technology in Electric Arc Furnace Steelmaking


steelmaking production mainly includes converter and electric furnace processes, among which the electric furnace steelmaking process mainly uses scrap steel as the main raw material, with the advantages of short process, complete varieties, energy saving, and environmental protection.


in recent years, the world's electric furnace steel production accounts for 32% to 35% of the total output, reaching 50% in developed countries such as europe and america; china is the world's largest electric furnace steel producer, with a production of approximately 738 million tons in 2014, but only accounting for about 9% of crude steel production.


with the increasing accumulation of scrap steel, the proportion of electric arc furnace steelmaking in china's steel production will continue to increase. this project aims to save energy, improve product quality, and reduce production costs. with strengthening of the core of the molten pool stirring, it explores the effects of oxygen jet, electromagnetic field, and bottom blowing on the stirring intensity of the molten pool. it also studies synchronous safe bottom blowing technology and efficient waste heat recovery technology, develops integrated control technology for unit operations such as power supply, oxygen supply, bottom blowing, and waste heat, significantly reduces consumption of raw materials and energy, improves oxygen utilization rate and electric arc furnace production efficiency, and achieves the main technical and economic indicators of electric arc furnace steelmaking in china to reach the international advanced level.


the main innovations of the project include: for the first time in china, successful integration control of multiple operating units of electric arc furnace steelmaking has been achieved, and cost quality control software has been developed; internationally leading synchronous safe bottom blowing stirring technology and efficient waste heat recovery technology have been developed; for the first time, an equivalent coupling full-scale model of "gas-slag-steel" three-phase for electric arc furnace has been established, mastering the coupling law of oxygen jet, electromagnetic field, and bottom blowing flow on the stirring intensity of the molten pool, and pioneering the derivation of mathematical expressions of coupling relationships.


the project has obtained 10 invention patents, 4 utility model patents, and 3 software copyrights, and published 54 related papers (including 22 sci/ei papers) and 1 monograph.


since the successful application of this project in hunan valin steel co., ltd. in 2013, the cost per ton of steel has been reduced by 42.74 yuan, and the additional sales revenue has increased by 36.29 million yuan from 2014 to 2015, with an additional profit of 73.76 million yuan. from 2014 to the present, it has been promoted to 50 to 150-ton electric arc furnaces of multiple domestic enterprises.


if this technology is widely promoted and applied in electric arc furnace steelmaking enterprises nationwide, it can save 730 million kwh of electricity annually, equivalent to 292 million kilograms of standard coal, reduce co2 emissions by 839 million kilograms, and reduce production costs by 3 billion yuan, with significant economic and social benefits.


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