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hot rolled seamless steel pipes, hot finished seamless steel tubes, hunan valin steel co ltd, centerway steel co ltd

Development of Hot-Rolled Seamless Steel Pipes for High-End Construction


high-end construction hot-rolled seamless steel pipes, as an economically efficient steel material, are mainly used in sustainable green buildings, large-span space steel structures, steel pipe concrete structures, etc. they have the characteristics of light weight, high strength, large load-bearing capacity, large span, good ductility, excellent seismic performance, convenient installation, and easy industrial production. high-end construction hot-rolled seamless steel pipes are mainly used to manufacture load-bearing components such as columns for high-end buildings. high-end construction adopts standardized design, industrialized production, and prefabricated construction, which have high requirements for the materials used to make columns.


firstly, there are strict requirements for the cross-sectional shape, curvature, torsion, and fixed length of hot-rolled steel pipes. secondly, column materials need to withstand long-term pressure, requiring high strength, low yield strength ratio, good z-direction tensile performance, and sufficiently high fracture toughness values. finally, column steel pipes must have excellent welding performance to meet the requirements of high-end architectural design, production, and construction. according to the application requirements of high-end construction hot-rolled seamless steel pipes, technological innovations of valin steel have been made in the production process, hole type design, and transportation equipment. the production process of hot-rolled seamless square pipes has been designed; hole type designs for three-roll square pipe stands, four-roll square pipe stands, and large-diameter round pipe holes have been designed; and a combination of flat rollers and v-rollers for transportation roller paths has been designed, which can achieve the replacement of round pipes and square pipes at any time without repeated disassembly.


the above technological innovations ensure the high dimensional accuracy and performance of hot-rolled steel pipes, providing structurally reasonable and high-performance materials for the manufacturing of columns for high-end buildings. due to the absence of processes like pickling, hot-rolled steel pipes have the characteristics of low production cost, high production efficiency, and excellent performance compared to welded and cold-formed steel pipes. core technologies for the development of pipes for high-end construction projects have been applied for multiple invention patents, such as "square pipe rolling device, square pipe sizing machine with the device, and square pipe," and led the formulation of the national standard "hot-rolled seamless steel pipes for structural square and rectangular shapes," filling the domestic gap.


in addition, the successful implementation of this project has ended the history of china's inability to produce hot-rolled seamless square pipes. the successful development of seamless steel pipes for high-end construction has improved the domestic production technology level of seamless steel pipes, optimized the product structure of domestic seamless square pipes, reduced energy consumption and environmental burdens, blended with nature-friendliness, and made significant contributions to building a resource-saving and environmentally friendly society.


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