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Hebei Bolanqi PipeLine Sales Co.,Ltd . was founded in 1999 which is a large manufacturer of Alloy seamless  steel  pipes   and   Alloy  pipe  fittings products which is  able to deal with production, processing and marketing. Our main products include:Alloy  seamless  steel pipes, Alloy  pipe fittings,Stainless steel tubes, carbon steel tubes, and various pipe steel fittings. Our company is equiped with a full set of physical and chemical as well as machinery performance testing equipment and potable direct reading spectrometer. we have acquired nondestructive evaluation certificate and passed ISO9001:2000. As a member of ASTM/ASME, we strictly act upon the standard of ASTM、DIN、BS and supply ¢12mm---740mm alloy tubing in various materials and with good quality.
The petroleum chemical enterprises which have long term bussiness cooperation with our company are : Yangzi Petrochemistry,Daqing Petrochemistry,Qilu Petrochemistry,JiLing Petrochemistry,Yumeng Petrochemistry, Dalian Petrochemistry, Wuhan Petrochemistry and Qindao Petrochemistry.


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